Komal Banwait

Web Developer
Computer Engineer
Food Critic

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University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario

B.Eng. in Computer Engineering, September 2012 - April 2016

St. Augustine Secondary School, Brampton, Ontario

Secondary School Diploma, September 2008 - April 2012


Canadian Capital Mortgages – Personal Mortgage Agents, Milton, Ontario*

Reidmount Discovery School, Brampton, Ontario*

Dulku Law Professional Corporation, Brampton, Ontario*

Bell Canada, Toronto, Ontario*

Paradigm Electronics Inc, Mississauga, Ontario*

3M Canada, Mississauga, Ontario*

A Little About Komal Banwait

Komal Banwait is a web developer living and working within the Greater Toronto Area. He is working as a free-lance web developer for professionals looking to acquire additional clients. By developing their website with SEO standards and increasing their overall traffic through social media campaigns. He also works as a part-time Python game development teacher for students ages 8-14. Building game such as super mario and space invaders. Komal Banwait is also working on building a food blogging platform.He seeks to explore every inch of the GTA to find and reviews unique restaurants that have a rich history behind their food. To find individuals from all walks of life and voice their hardship and stories. Stories of individuals’ who’s depth of flavour/food capture the essence of their being. The stories of individuals who have sacrificed to serve food and expose a mark from their heritage, formal training or as a necessity to provide a better life for their loved ones. The goal is to first showcase their adventures and secondly bring exposure where exposure is well deserved. If you are interested in a personal website, social media exposure, or a review for your restaurant contact kbanwait123@gmail.com

Customer Statifaction

Raminder Dulku - From Dulku Law Professional Corporation

Flavio Inzirillo - From Canadian Capital Mortgages

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